Is there a job which brings joy, is fun, won’t harm an environment and you do not need a computer to it?

In April 2018, two creative girls – Ania & Ewa, bored working every day in front of the computer, asked this question. They have always been dreaming about their own business, independence and new challenges.

Knitting merino blankets seemed like an original idea, one-of-a-kind products and potentially an easy business to start. The shocking was the price of wool but using the sophisticated material made the business even more extraordinary. Slowly they learnt how to weave a blanket, how to build a web page and run own business.

Today it still does not bring millions but each individual order from any part of the world brings the invaluable happiness and satisfaction. Now girls learn new patterns and experiment with shapes. They can knitt wherever they are and the laptop is needed to communicate with clients only.